New Public Consultation opened  by the Environment Agency for views on Environmental Impacts of drilling for oil at Arreton 
- C
losing July 9th -

PLEASE NOTE - This is different to the public consultation for the IWCouncil, which formally closed in February

UKOG has submitted plans to the The Environment Agency for a drilling permit to accompany their application to the IWCouncil Planning Committee.

Their plans must be published for a consultation period of 4 weeks outlining,

   - the industrial processes they will undertake to prepare the site and drill wells for exploration and appraisal 

   - how this could impact/pollute local ecology, air, land, water and public health

   - what the company will do to mitigate and limit these impacts on site.

WATCH THIS SPACE - For support in commenting on the consultation on line.

You can view full details of what you can comment on by clicking this  link  EA CONSULTATION

We are currently studying the documentation to identify appropriate issues to use in your response.

Read the Drill or Drop Article on this issue at this link   Views sought on UKOG oil drilling plans on Isle of Wight

Current Objections
as of 15.06.2021

There are 3 ways to object to the application from the links below
1. Council Registration on Planning Portal 
2. By Email 

3. By Post

Current Supporting
as of 15.06.2021

Consultation News Reports

Read IW County Press Report Here
Click for Drill or Drop report on the second consultation
Read our analysis of all public comments so far to 3rd September 2020. CLICK HERE

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